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Preserve Independence With The Best Mobility Aides

Mountaineer Complete Care shares in the mindset of being able to live independently, and take care of yourself or others, while living at home, through the use of the right mobility aides. With that in mind, Mountaineer Complete Care provides a wide variety of choices to enable individuals to achieve sustainable mobility, in the later years of life.

Mountaineer Complete Care offers rental options for the following:

Free yourself from being limited to crutches or wheelchairs!


-Transport Chair

-Knee Walker



As we age, or sustain a life altering injury, the requirement for mobility devices becomes greater. With a reduction in mobility, a person's social aspect of life is fundamentally restricted. This limits their access from doing daily errands, shopping, or participating in leisure activities. However, Mountaineer Complete Care can supply the need of quality mobility devices to achieve independent living. Our mobility devices include, crutches,wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, canes, transport chairs, scooters, lift chairs, knee walkers, cane accessories, and walker accessories.

Limited mobility doesn't have to keep you from enjoying the independence you crave. We connect you with the quality mobility aid that's just right for you.

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Let Mountaineer Complete Care help you achieve healthy independence through knowledgeable staff, and superior customer service.


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